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How long will his coat be?

Hi everyone, I'm going to the breeder this weekend to make my final choice on which little bundle I'm bringing home next week. I just have a quick question - How long do you think this pups coat will be? I ask, as his potential owner lives in another city a few hours away from the breeder and is having doubts about whether he will really be a plush/fluffy long coat. He was the only long coat born in the litter. If she pulls out, he will become available to me, expanding my options. I am not bothered by coat type/colour at all, but do rather like his temperament and have had the chance to interact with all the pups a few times (I live quite near to the breeder). So now I'm curious, how long you think his coat will be - or is it too early to have any idea?

Just over 3 weeks here:

and 6/7 weeks here:
on the right

On the left
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