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Originally Posted by blackshep View Post
He's probably pulling too hard on the leash.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, although they can hurt their throats if they pull too hard.

Can you try a different collar, halti, Gentle leader or a prong to see if it helps? I'm not crazy about Halti's or GL, as they can rub and get into the eyes, and the dogs often object to wearing them, but they are one alternative to a prong if you arent' comfortable with them.
Has there been a lot of talk around here about prongs? I know some think it's inhumane. I'll look further into that around here. Thanks

Originally Posted by blackshep View Post
Your vet suggested you research it online??? :/
Yeah, maybe he didn't mean for it to come out how it sounded...he didn't seem too concerned with it and maybe he thought it'd help me feel better if I checked it out online myself and spoke to others.

You can tell I really trust my vet.

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