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Default Puppy wheezing when excited

Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out how common it is for pups to be wheezing when they're really excited? Whether it's during a walk or with people around or meeting other dogs.

Rusty is 6 months and I noticed this early on around 3 months ago. He's wheezed right in front of the vet as well, and I had asked what that sound was. He said it wasn't anything - but it sounds unnatural.

I brought it up again with the vet last week and he said he should grow out of it, and that I could try doing some research online? He didn't seem very concerned, but I sure am.

Has anyone else been experiencing this? It's usually when he's tugging on his leash. I haven't heard him make the wheezing sound when he's off his leash indoors or outdoors. He is otherwise very healthy.
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