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Question What does he want?

Balen has been doing this for a little while now, and I've been trying to figure it out, but I'm not sure what he wants.

Its starts with me putting Kolton to bed for the night. He sleeps with me when my husband is gone overnight for work, which is almost every week. Chloe also sleeps in our room, in her little bed. Its almost always about 2 or so hours after I have laid Kolton down, that Balen will start this high pitched whine, and will come and sit in front of me and look at me for a minute, and then he'll go into the bed room, and stretch himself across the bed, and look at and/or "nose" Kolton. I usually follow him into the room, (because I've been trying to figure this out) and when I walk away, he starts the whole process over again. Whine, look at me, go to Kolton, "check" on him, and repeat the process when I walk away. When he comes to me, he makes the most intense eye contact and doesnt stop until I acknowledge him. Sometimes he gets so worked up he starts barking at me and I have to put the baby gate up to keep him out of that room. Sometimes he will "accept" the baby gate is up and will settle down, and sometimes he doesnt.

When I finally go to bed, after I lay down, he will half way get up on the bed, reach across me to "check" Kolton, and then sniffs my head and face, and plops down on the floor for the rest of the night and is fine. (I do not crate him at night, only when we are gone)

He will sometimes also do this in the morning, if I wake up early and Kolton is still in bed but he isnt as "intense" about it and it isnt every time.

He does not do this when Kolton takes his naps in the afternoon.

I dont want to scold him for this behavior and make him stop but it is starting to kind of get annoying. I'd like to figure out what it is that he is wanting, as he sure is working hard to "tell" me, whatever it is.


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