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Sudden Aggression? Over Excitement?

We have a 9 1/2 month old male GSD named Jake. We have had a dog walker come to our house every day we work since Jake was 9 weeks old. They come to feed him his lunch meal and take him out to do business.

All of a sudden today, Jake bit the dog walker in the arm while they were in the front yard getting him to do business. I don't know all the details yet, but we are meeting with them tomorrow night to discuss. When the dog walker attempted to get him back in his crate and taking his leash off he kept trying to bite.

I'm not home right now to assess Jake's condition at all. I know Jake get's very excited when they come and he has always loved them. All within 15 minutes they arrive, he gets fed and let out for business and is always over excited for them. So I'm not sure if this is an something that happened as a result of over excitement or if it is an aggression issue.

We have not had Jake to obedience classes, but have done home training and while he's not the best behaved dog in the world, he is manageable for us. I can understand that there would be inconsistencies between how we handle Jake and how they handle him.

Understandably they don't want to come tomorrow until we've had a chance to discuss the incident.

Any initial ideas? We were going to start weaning him onto 2 feedings a day now that his digestive issues are resolved so that could eliminate the need for them to come feed him every day, but that doesn't address what happened.
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