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I agree about the dog parks, too much stress for her. I would take her for quiet walks by herself. When you see other dogs turn away before she can react and reward her for coming with you. Allowing her to react reinforces the reaction. You may never be able to train her to be social and interactive with other dogs in the time you will have her but you can help her cope better.

I imagine if she is not socialized wll she is probably reacting out of uncertainty. If you can give her a structure way to respond, like turning and walking away, she may improve over time. You will never be able to fix a 10 year old habit in any short stretch of time.

Walk the male by himself too.

FWIW: my dogs are all well socialized and not reactive, but when wlaked together they tend to 'pack up' and can become reactive if the on coming dog is reactive.


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