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I don't think she's too old to learn, but if this is a time of transition or stress for her, and she's old, and if there is another way for her to be able to exercise, who is benefiting from this? If the answer is not her, I would do things with her that will help her to enjoy her life. Put her in a car and take her to a place without other dogs (if she likes the car), let her play in the yard, whatever.

I hesitate to give advice, just because if this is only temporary and she will be going back to your parents or somewhere without other dogs, and she isn't enjoying this (see paragraph 1) I would hate to see her have to continue to put up with it, but if so, I would start by keeping the distance between her and other dogs under her threshold, work on focus at home, so that I could treat and create positive associations with other dogs - dog=food.
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