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OOps, Pregnant. Do females get mean/protective?

Abby got knocked up by Bomber before I could get her spayed. It wasnt planned but i'll deal with it. Reason I ask is when I grew up my parents bred Cocker Spaniels, she would get meaner than a wet hornet (and then some) when she gave birth and you couldnt get near her for at least a few days. We also bred our Great Dane and she was very nice and sweet, total opposite of the spaniel.

I woke up Oct. 5th to my two GSD's hooked together. Shes pretty fat now, boobs are bigger, I just want to know if she'll turn mean. Currently shes very sweet and very nice. She rules the roost and is the dominant dog here. She barks at people when they come over and is sketchy but warms up pretty fast.

*Please dont bash me, I know my dogs are not registered with the 3rd Reich nor did I play god and match the perfect chromosomes. I know the pups will be "knock-offs" but im not putting any Burberry logos on them so it will be ok. I dont know any history on these dogs so for all I know she might give birth to zombies?


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