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I wouldn't think of it as allergies, more like intollerance to processed food with synthetic vitamins and minerals devoid of amino acids and naturally occuring enzymes.

Removing the processed food is a start, and depending on the how toxic the body is will depend on how the individual dog will respond. The liver is probably overloaded resulting in "allergy" like symptoms - itchy skin.

If you really want to make sure you are getting the most natural toxin reduced diet for faster healing, I would suggest that the chicken liver be is a nominal amount of the diet, a nominal expence - the liver is the filtering system of all weird crud they put in chicken feed (incl. GMO maize, soy)

A good quality fish body oil (3 only) to balance the omega6/3 ratio (re: meat protien high in 6)and raw organic cold pressed coconut oil to assist the body in removing yeasts and bad bacteria that have proliferated in do to carbs and grains (sugars) from the kibble

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