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Raw Feeding for Allergies

I have begun raw feeding my 10 month old GSD to try to determine if his allergies and rashes are food related. So far my vet has proven to be somewhat incompetent in dealing with this issue. When I took him there a few months back she didn't have a very good look and just said season allergies. I don't know how long she thinks the season lasts for but she told me the exact same thing when I took him back a couple of weeks ago. Mind you she did do a scrape for mites the second time which turned up negative. She also prescribed me some very expensive Cortavance spray which I purchased and then didn't want to use because there was a strong warning about it inhibiting the dogs growth if used for longer than a week. So I decided that before I try any of this I would take matters in my own hands and try to eliminate things from his environment, starting with potential food allergens.

The bulk of his meat is Kangaroo mince for muscle meat which I mix with Turkey necks for the raw meaty bones and chicken liver for organ. He certainly loves his new diet, as does our Golden Retriever who is usually a very fussy and slow eater.

My question is to how long I should give him on the raw good before I can rule out the allergy/rashes being food related? So far he has been on it for about a week and I can't see any real improvement, still has red eyes, pink ears and a very irritated chest. I plan to keep him on the raw food anyway as I believe it to be a more natural diet but I would like to know when I need to start considering other options.
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