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Question has anyone ever said something like this to you

I was walking my dog down a trail and there was this lady that was kinda being harassed by a baby mutt. She had two pugs and they were all wrestling. Anyways when she saw my sable shepherd. She said "oh great here comes a rottie. My dog was so close to her its a pure shepherd also.

I couldn't stop laughing that she thought my dog was a rottie. Has ayone ever thought something that far off or made such a silly comment? I asked the other lady again if what i heard was for real she said yes she thought my dog was a rottie and she thought my dog was going to gang up on hers with the baby mutt. I guess her dog had a bad experience with a rottie so when she saw another rottie comming (my dog) she kinda went into a panic and thought that my dog and the baby mutt might take her pugs out and eat them.

This woman was brought up in this country and was an adult.
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