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Finding myself on the fence on two issues.....

Until this week I would have never imagined finding myself on the fence regarding training methods. The last ten years I have only used the positive training techniques that worked well with my own and clients' dogs.
WD however has gotten so strong physically that I once wished I had a prong collar; the time on a trail that he lunged at another dog, held by the collar by his owner, who was dressed in camouflage gear and hiding in shrubbery () I know it would set off the gentlest dog. He almost pulled me off my feet.
My main worry about this collar is that he will associate other people, dogs and "things" with the negative feeling of the collar and make things worse.
So far he has been gentle but this was a definite change in him (he is 9.5 months old). At home we practice the NILIF treatment.

2. I was always against kenneling my dogs outside and never have (so far). Actually I had a post recently, feeling sorry for the "growing up boys" who got a new kennel (couldn't find the post anymore to change my mind there).
WD was raised in a kennel at his breeder so he knows it. My gut feeling tells me it is OK and he needs that confinement once in a while but it goes against everything I have practiced so far. How do you guys feel about that? How did your dogs respond to tie outside in a kennel? By the way: WD will mostly be indoors with us. The outside kennel will basically replace his indoor crate time.

Yep, WD has broadened my horizon on many issues, humbling to say the least.
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