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Default How not to start the day

So like every morning at 6:45, Milla noses me to get my butt out of bed and feed her! I go downstairs and pull out breakfast for the "kids" which is chicken this morning. Measure, put in bowl, put dogs in kennels and it's time to go shower.

Get ready, go down and let dogs out for a last bathroom break before I leave, pour coffee, pack lunch, get boots on.

Go to let dogs back in (20 min later) and Milla is missing a chunk of her ear! Blood all over, why oh why do ears bleed like that???

Put dog in kennel in back of car, drive to vet, get that look from dog that says "what's the big deal?"

Get to vet, occupy puppy's mind by showing her a kitty, clip up ear, clean ear, glue ear, puppy shakes head, clean ear again, glue the crap out of ear, sit on floor with puppy in lap to keep her calm, let poor kitty go back into the office.

Weighed, meds, back in car, tired puppy!

What a rough morning SHE had. I swear she wasn't fazed in the least by the ear. Didn't care when the vet clipped it, cleaned it, that glue BURNS and she didn't flinch. I on the other hand bawled like a baby on the way home.

Here is Milla's new look:


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Milla - Orithia Z Diehlomov 2/10/12

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