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Huge infection from small tiny burn

So, I was pulling a hot pan from oven on Thursday night. Got a small burn, no big deal at all. Totally forgot about it. Went to work on Friday and Saturday. Sunday morning woke up and it was red and about the size of a quarter. Burning and itching, but I put some medication on it. Went to bed and on Monday morning it was a big bigger and redder, painful, but I just went ahead and cleaned it up, put on meds and went on with my day. Tuesday morning had to go to work it was now about the size of a 50 cent piece, red, blistered looking and painful.
Went to work and during the day watched as the 50 cent piece got bigger and the edges of the circle starting moving down my hand onto my wrist and across my hand. Decided to go to Insta care and they sent me to emergency room. Seems I now have a massive infection, celuitis under the skin... IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and have to watch it closely to see if the redness keeps growing or starts going away.
Have to go to work today, so its wrapped, gloved and painful. what a mess, all from a simple tiny burn.
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