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Originally Posted by lennoxbradley88 View Post
So today Schatzi and I got into it. Yup, I lost my patience with this 8 month old brat. The morning started with her not wanting to eat her food. Okay, I let it slide.
I don't even know what you are saying there? I have one dog that is picky and if she doesn't feel like eating, then she doesn't feel like eating. Unless she's sick, it's no big deal. Many GSD's are actually extremely picky eaters and skip meals all the time.

As far as all the other general frustration goes with the training, the problem isn't the puppy, it's you.

I don't think ANY trainer will encourage the mindset we get into when we

She was being such a brat I snapped at her. I got mad, yelled, and cussed her out.
These are LIVE puppies and have good days, bad days, happy day, focused days.

Our job is to USE OUR BRAINS and think how to work thru them. Not snap and get angry putting training out of the 'I love to train with dad' to the 'avoid dad at all costs!'. Course many of us lose our patience, that's normal and to be expected!

But since it's normal and to be expected than we need a BETTER PLAN IN PLACE than going ballistic! Bad behavior from my puppy shouldn't be met with bad behavior from ME!

First of all, how is you foundation with 'engagement' with your pup? Is the bond and training between you and your dog generally like the relationship shown by Michael Ellis in these videos? Engagement - Key to Training

The number one goal before we start up training is the attitude and engagement he talks about. Only AFTER we have that do we start working on the 'sit' the 'stay' and all the rest of the other training. But the main goal once we start the specific training is how to KEEP the engagement and drivey attitude WHILE training.

So if I were you I'd back off training for a bit and just work or getting that fun and bond back with your dog.


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