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What in the world?

So today Schatzi and I got into it. Yup, I lost my patience with this 8 month old brat. The morning started with her not wanting to eat her food. Okay, I let it slide. I get home from work and I get my 3 1/2 month Alaskan Malamute and we start training. This guy is awesome. Anyways, I put him in the kitchen and bring in Schatzi. We started just doing basic sit, down, stay...etc. However, it's like she forgot about everything. She sat, but didn't want to down nor stay. This are things she knows by heart. So whatever I changed it and went to touch pads she did okay, but not like she normally does. Then went back to the basics and the same. I was already getting frustrated at her. So I decided to bring both Cudi and Schatzi out to the back yard and let them mingle. Schatzi was being too rough with him so I separated both. I told my dad to walk Cudi up and down while Schatzi is sitting down and every time they would pass in front she would break her stay. She was being such a brat I snapped at her. I got mad, yelled, and cussed her out. Then to top it all off she starts running in circles and taunting me. Every time I got close to grabbing the leash she would run full speed in circles lol. That drove me crazy. Has anyone gone through something like this? I've never encountered this behavior with this girl. -_-

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