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"Alert/Nervous GSD 4 1/2 yr old GSD" ! Kennel or New Petsitter? Advice please

Our GSD is very well behaved at home where there are no other dogs or children. He of course loves and protects his family and those he knows who are regular visitors. Strangers are just that - STRANGERS.

We have had the same petsitter since he was a puppy but she has moved away and we are planning a 2 week sun vacation in late Jan-Feb.

The most compatabile pet sitter I have found has absolutely no experience with GSD's and I am afraid my dog - who is a bit on the reactive/nervous side - will scare the liver out of her. There do not seem to be any in home GSD Caregivers around. She is used to boarding golden retrievers and labs with the odd ****su thrown in.

Our other option is a kennel. We had an extremely bad experience with a different kennel and our last dog, so it is still difficult to see this as a viable option - but this one looks much nicer - they even have theme suites and video cameras in the suites. The dogs are not put out together but are exercised individually daily. All have good sized individual indoor spaces and outdoor runs (we are touring it Sat am). It looks great, but I worry that he will be lonely or that he won't "take" to the staff and will treat them as strangers and be very defensive with them.

Another plus for the kennel would be that if we are having people to the lake in the summer who have children (he is frightened of children and reacts badly), it would possibly be more readily available that perhaps this sitter who only ever takes one dog at a time.

With the home situation I know he would be loved and cuddled, but I worry that he won't be in the kennel - particularly if he is showing his gruff exterior side and not his "i'm really a suck" side. Also, if he gets a new person every day - that will be difficult

Any advice? Has anyone else had these concerns? What would you choose?

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