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E-Vet Ordeal.... any ideas?

So, Echo started acting all bloat-ey after dinner... scuttling around the house all roached, licking his stomach (which felt hot but not distended), trying to lay down, etc. Rush him to the e-vet, where they whisk him away from me and don't update me for over two hours.

Turns out, he was ok (YAY!!!). She said that he had a very elevated lactate level (3.6) which went down to 2.8 after fluids (still high). He had not had any real exercise all day, and went on a long but leisurely walk yesterday. Nothing strenuous. She also pointed out that his resting heart rate was very rapid-- over 200 bpm. He was very anxious while there, but I mentioned that his resting heart rate was always very fast-- over 100 bpm. I never thought it was abnormal-- no vet had ever pointed it out. We've made an appointment to see his regular vet, but it's two weeks out... does anyone have any experience/ideas what these might be? Or are they just coincidental?
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