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Worried about new pup

Hello all. Me and my family just bought our first GSD on Friday November 9th 2012. In our home, we have myself and my husband and our four children, our bunny named Oreo, and now, our little Kota. He was born July 27th 2012 so he is nearly four months now. I've been studying up on the breed for nearly a year now and we finally decided to bring one home. We named him Kota and he is just a little love bug. I do have some concerns though. We are taking him to the vet tomorrow at 5pm and hope to have some answers. He is very smart and is already potty trained.....I think. He hasn't had an accident since day two and we are on day four I take him out frequently and also, he sits by the door when he needs to go out. I've been using the clicker and treats and praise to help him learn. He is very kind and great with our kids. Here are my conerns---1. His back paws often turn outward, like, completely....East and West, seriously. It's not constant, but verrry often. He also is terrified of stairs and struggles with them. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but like, his feet are too floppy. He is scared of everything also. He gets playful here and there, but mostly, he lays. Clearly, he loves me already He follows me everywhere and gives me lots of lovin. 2. He had bad fleas when we bought him. ( we didnt' know it at the time.) we took him home and tried to bathe him and he is TERRIFIED of water and that went bad ( I have many bruises.) So, when we found the fleas, we took him to Pet Co to get groomed. They were shocked at how scared he was. We also put Pronyl on him, but yet, he is still itching I also treated my carpets. 3. He is very skinny and today he would hardly eat, but did nip at grass outside, and today was dragging his butt on the ground so I'm scared he has worms. 4. I understand we haven't had him but for a few days, and he is a puppy, but he def doesn't have that proud, strong, GSD look. I want to be able to make him healthy, happy, and confident, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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