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Originally Posted by jang View Post
Your posts always crack me up...I can't believe how dang busy your life is....
Thanks, you have hear of "It's a Wonderful Life." Well if I was starring, it would have been, "It's a Crazy Life" for sure.

The thing is, I had my yearly vacation this weekend. This is a trip my sister takes me on to an indoor water park with her two little girls. The Guatamalan Adoption Club has an event there, so there was about 38 families, and I was gone from Friday evening to Sunday evening.

I had the girls from Thursday morning, took then to the Little Gym in Brecksville or Macedonia (don't tell my sister that I really don't know what city I am in) Thursday evening for Karate, out to Subway for Dinner, back to the Little Gym for Gymnastics, and then over to my parents' house where I put them to bed.

Then out to my place to take care of the critters and sleep, and take care of the critters, and back to Mom's. They watched the Lion King, and then I took them to the park with Cujo. Back to Moms where I fed them lunch and then put on Snow White, while I went back home to take care of the critters again.

I had to have everything set up so that Dad could take care of them on Saturday. He still had a hard time since the puppies like to jump up, and they don't listen all too well. Also, I wasn't sure about how Gretta would take to him. So I got a coupler for walking two dogs at the same time, and a cookie sheet, and hung that up outside her kennel. I had dad just put the food on the cookie sheet and slide it under for her. That way she wouldn't need to be worried about him, and nothing horrible would happen. Her water could be replenished through the gate. And he could pull the cookie sheet back through when she was done. It worked great.

So we went to Sandusky on Friday night. Yay. We had a wonderful time.

Prior I had to put up fence/gate panels to cut two of my kennels in half so that no one was stuck in the house for two days, and Dad would not have to go over a bajillion times to let them out. I would not have had to do this if the Kennels I had my contractor start building six months ago were finished, but they were not, and so I had him over there helping me set up all of that on Wednesday.

And guess who went in heat this weekend??? Yupp, I have ONE male on my property. He is almost six months old, and he is in with his mother. And she goes into heat.

Well, here's hoping he was not capable, or she wasn't ready. So now the puppies are separated from her, and Babs is stuck in my house again. Good thing she likes it in there. I STILL WANT THOSE KENNELS FINISHED!!!

See, first he was finishing up this job, and then that job, and he dug a big hole in my yard, then he went to jail, and then it started raining. It rained and rained and rained and rained, and now the concrete truck will not be able to go over my land until the ground freezes or firms up.

While we were INDOORS at the INDOOR waterpark, it was 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL (which means it was NOT raining). Within hours of my return here, it was cold and raining, Not just rain, but really wet rain. Yeah, that is redundant. But there is rain where it pours and clears up, and there is rain where it sprinkles, and then there is RAIN. Rain that saturates EVERYTHING and acts like it will stay that way for months. That is what it was.

But it did not stay that way. Not exactly. This morning there was SNOW on my car. Yes if the sky isn't leaking on us, it is dumping on us.

But this was not supposed to be a rant-thread. It was supposed to be how happy I am with my girls -- all of them really. They were good for Dad, all but the puppies who were bad and jumped on him, and made him muddy. And Milla in particular, who for as bad as she was when she was a young'n, is really pretty good now. Though I must say I still won't trust her with a pair of slippers.

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