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Has your dog's copper levels been assessed? Called Copper storage disease.

A holistic Vet that specializes in Nutrition may be needed...A home-made diet would be best, commercial diets contain very toxic substances including the synthetic vitamins and minerals themselves....these stress the liver and kidneys.

What is great about the liver is it's ability to rejuvinate - create new cells and heal. But not if constantly filtering inorganic wastes.

Things like milk thistle and dandilion are used to re-build and detoxify along with antioxidants and immune system modulators...

Adding spot on treatments should be stopped if haven't already as the elimination of pesticides are direct w/liver and kidney.

If it is copper storage disease, then a Holistic Vet can help chelate this mineral.

As for hip problem - good old fashioned bone stock...take raw bones, water and 1/4 cup vinegar, cook 24 hrs min. (use slow cooker), strain bones, bring to room temp refriderate over night, scim layer of fat - portion and freeze - I do 4 day portions at a 1/2c per day....but you can use a cup a day spliit am/pm

The use of chicken bones/cartilage is emphasized for type II collagen, but adding chicken feet, necks, beef soup bones (if really big bone, reserve cool it and re-use in next stock, just sadd more chicken bones)

Here's a link re: properties of bone stock (you will also note a very important relation to amino acid glutathione and the liver in this link)
The Healing Power of Bone Broth Transition Now

and copper storage disease
Liver Disease (Copper Storage) in Dogs | petMD

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