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How old is she?

Sometimes inflammation can cause liver numbers to go up, according to a non-vet person I know (I always forget to ask my vets).

Tramadol is my guess on the med. It really does help pain (I snagged a 1/4 one last night after I hurt my back). Tramadol helps pain but doesn't do too much to things like the liver.

I have had 2 liver dogs - and did not do biopsies on either because they are painful (according to people). But I have a lot of info saved up if you want links. Lots of things like milk thistle can help. Is she on Denamarin? Just let me know if you want info like that and I will link purge.

Has she had an ultrasound for the liver?

For the hips, Adequan is great. In huge dosages (see their Beagle study - HUGE) it can do stuff to the liver.

This can also be a back issue - so crate rest might help. Or her knee...

This website has info on the Adequan: Adequan for Dogs
And other stuff here - look at the bottom links on pain management: Holistic Care for Pets
Pain in Dogs and Cats: Introduction and Basics Pain in Dogs and Cats: Injuries, Mild Pain, Arthritis, First Aid Pain in Dogs and Cats: Post-Surgery, Severe Pain
Also this one: Health: Arthritis in Dogs

Good luck with your girl!
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