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Liver numbers up

OK, this information is relayed through my wife, but long story short, Trinity has been having pain in her right hip for the past month. Started giving her some glucosamine, and it hasn't seemed to help much yet. We took her to the vet yesterday to try to get something else, but knew there would be an issue since she has had elevated liver numbers in the past, and she'd need to be checked again.

The results came back today, and the numbers were still high. ALT level? I don't know, that's what my wife said. Normal is something like 12-120, and her level is at 347. She's been over 300 in the past as well. We were hoping they had come down. She's on a supplement, and she eats normally, weight is holding well, etc. Guess it was wishful thinking.

I can't remember what the vet game us, but it's a narcotic pain killer. I was kinda hoping for something that might reduce inflammation and she'd be OK after a little while. It's pretty obvious that she injured it, as it came up suddenly. No, we didn't do x-rays. She's a large girl, and all signs point to hip displasia, and the xray will only confirm that and cost money - we're not going to give her a new hip.

I was a little bummed about the liver numbers being up still, since she's not showing any signs, and both vets are at a loss for why. We opted after the first several thousand dollars to not open her up to do a liver biopsy, because I think it's too much stress on her just to tell us nothing more than she's having liver failure.

I guess the question is, has anyone ever used anything to help the hip symptoms that maybe doesn't affect the liver much? Or anything "homeopathic" other than the glucosamine? She's a big girl, and it's tough to keep her from being active to give things time to "heal" (as much as is possible given that it's probably degenerative).
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