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Neighbor Rant (long)

So Saturday was not the best day for me, it was the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my last GSD, Elsa. I took Bear out for a walk in my neighborhood and I was switching the leash attchment from his collar to his prong when he escaped and started playing in the grassy are. I know, I should have done this prior to leaving the house, but had forgotten to.
Bear is a very friendly dog and is in no way aggressive to either people or other dogs.
He was very excited and it had just snowed, so of course he had the zoomies and did not want to be recalled. I have been working with him on recall and so I never let him off leash unless we are at the dog park. So a neighbor must have seen this and called AC on me. they came out and said that someone had complained that a large GSD was off leash. I told the AC officer that "yes" he was off leash, but not on purpose. She said that the person filing the complaint had pictures (a little creepy if you ask me) and that she was going to write up a citation.
I agreed because I admitted that he was off leash, but then she proceed to tell me that the complaintant also said that I do not clean up after my dog!!!! I was nearly besides myself with anger. The fine for off leash is $50.00 but the fine for not cleaning up after your pet is $100.00!
I asked the AC officer how they could charge me with not cleaning up when there was no proof and she said that they didn't need proof, they just needed someone to complain.
Needless to say, I will be going to the hearing because I will not pay $100.00 for something that I did not do! It's just frustrating to me that this neighbor would go this far and not even give me the common courtesy of talking with me and on top of that he has a huge Main Coon cat that he lets roam the neighborhood with no tags and it deficates in *my* yard!!
Sorry...I just needed to get that off my chest.

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