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Question about Neutering

When we purchased the puppy from the breeder we agreed to have the puppy neutered because we had no intentions of breeding ourselves and wanted to prevent any unwanted pregnancies so we paid less and our AKC registration card says that we are neutering.

Well it was brought up by our trainer who has many many years experience as a GSD handler that we shouldn't neuter even if we don't plan on breeding. And I see her point of view and she made good points which I agree on for the most part.

But my concern is that our friends have a Doberman girl that is a few weeks older than Porter (our GSD) and they love to play together, our friends plan on breeding so they are not spaying their girl and I just don't want to be surprised one day with puppies.

Does this mean if they play together in our backyard I need to have my eyes on them every minute to make sure theres no humpin going on lol? Or is she only able to get pregnant when she's in heat? Thanks in advance for your help!
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