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Husband was in Car Accident

He is okay. He was very lucky. Three weeks after coming back from deployment, he went to work two hours early and got hit by a Dodge Ram. Needless to say our Jeep Compass has some major damage and the body shop isn't sure if it's totaled or not.

If they give us a call to pick up our things, today, we know it's totaled. I almost wish it was totaled because that would make things go a lot faster and easier for us and who knows, maybe it's a blessing in disguise. Our car would be paid off and we'd get a 1000 towards a new/used car plus the per diem on top would give us a downpayment for two used cars.

That being said, right now I'm stuck at home, which sucks. I missed training this weekend and especially now, where things go so well, I don't want to miss too much training.

Is it bad that I wish for a totaled car?
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