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Quick question for those who are feeding raw

I read all the stickies and posts and started feeding raw. I started with chicken cause my dog seems to love chicken. First day just gave her raw liver. Seemed okay. 2nd day gave her more organs and raw chicken breast mixed with kibble.
This morning I gave her all chicken breast and chicken neck. Was slightly concerned cause I broke the neck with my hands and tried to feel if the bones with splinter or anything and it was a little bit sharp but nothing crazy. She seemed to just chew it and wolf it down.

I bought an entire whole chicken. And let me tell you it is a lot of work trying to cut it all up on the kitchen counter with a small pair of kitchen scissors. But after 1.5 hours, I got 2 whole big chickens cut up into portions and bagged. Should last me a few weeks.

My quick question is, what parts of the whole chicken should i NOT give to my dog raw? I cut up all the meaty parts and sliced them and put them in a bag. All the organs in another bag. Then I just cut the wings, and legs/drumsticks off and put them into another bag.
That leaves other parts like the ribs, the back with the bones and spines, the tail bone area, ALL the skin, etc.

I threw out the ribs cause I didn't know if it was safe to give to her raw, seemed very bony. I kept the backs but the back vertebrae seems very crunchy too. Is this not going to be a problem with splintering or cutting up her gums or teeth? She's pretty old and doesn't chew on anything so she doesn't have a strong habit of that kind of behavior.

And if I toss her a dumbstick, should I expect a fully grown 10 year old german shepherd to eat everything including the large bone? The meat is attached to the bone and the bone seems pretty thick. Couldn't break it or cut it with the scissors easily. Im thinking a leg would be sufficient in weight for one meal but not sure cause a lot of that is bone.
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