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Well, I asked the vet, and he did not suggest boarding her there. I don't think they board dogs. Anyhow, they leave at noon on Saturdays and don't come back until Monday. So that wouldn't work.

When I asked him if it was going to be ok, he said yes and no. The thing is if that nodule is less than 1/3 the length of the eye then it won't distort the eye. But he expected it to be way better within a week. I had put the stuff in her eye three times on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday it looked a wee bit better. I did it twice on Friday.

Dad gave her the antibiotics on Saturday, and I put it in her eye this evening and it does look a whole lot better at this point. By Tuesday, when I do the re-check, I think it will be much better, and no surgery will be necessary. At least I hope so.

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