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Everyday Dog Confrontations

General question: what do you do when you're out walking and another dog comes up to you?

We're new to all this, but it's come up quite regularly here in Berlin. The problem is: SO many owners let their dogs walk off leash. I don't understand how that's okay in a busy city (if only for cars etc.), but it is how it is.

What do you do, then, when another dog comes up? It's mostly friendly and we do our best to read the situation, but I'm not comfortable with it in a general sense. Our dog's currently on heat which gives particular cause for concern, but I'm not a fan of the idea anyway; ours is fairly reactive, and I don't want her either causing a problem or getting into one. Socialisation is one thing, but I can't ever trust a dog I've never met before.

Calling out and pulling ours to the side has been the solution so far, but some owners (quite a few!) have no control over their animals. When they come close and bark/growl etc. (to date mostly small dogs), what do you do? Given it's Germany, I'm not 100% that a force-based solution is an option... Guns, tasers and even pepper spray are illegal (I took a look at the search function ), and physical force in general seems to be frowned upon.

Any tips for European owners? We're new to this, as I say, and would love to hear your thoughts.

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