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My pup Onyx was described as your F1.
In Onyx's case, she turned out to be anxious and because of her dominant behavior tried to rule the world, which increased her anxious tendency. She would act aggressive out of fear and I had to really step up my handling to show her "I had the world under control" so she could relax.
She has a lower threshold than I'd like as well...I would almost assume the vocal F2 has that same low threshold? Personally, I'd rather have a thinker....a pup that watches, then decides to act, or vocalize than just do it because they can and are comforted by that activity.
I did get a higher threshold pup~ my male who I bought because the female couldn't handle any sort of protection training and was too reactive to go on to other sports or even do competitive obedience. A personal protection dog should have a clear balanced head, or it will possibly be a liability.
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