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Originally Posted by bocron View Post
What is the breeder's take on the two pups? Personally, all other thing being equal, I'd go with F2. I have enough bossy girls around here .
Seriously, it's kind of hard to say without seeing the pups. What are your plans for the pup? Do you have an experienced outsider that could go with you to evaluate pups? If you're planning on competing in some way, then I'd get the advice of your trainer if at all possible.
BOCRON: Do you train for Cooper Creek? I was actually going to call CC tomorrow with that question, since it's "close" by and been considering them for training!

The breeder said both are confident, driven, playful...

I want to have a dog that is great with my 8 y.o. child (safety is my priority), but at the same time easy to train. She'll be put through obedience and protection training for sure and will take it from there (competing might be in the future, but not sure as of yet).

Unfortunately, I can't possibly take anyone experienced with me, because the breeder is out of town. I will be able to spend some time with the pups, so I would appreciate any input as to what to look for...
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