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Question Puppy choosing: Dominant vs Vocal? HELP

Hello Everyone!

So I'm soon to be new GSD owner, but I've been dog owner throughout the years! I did extensive research on different breeders, lineage background, health guarantees, etc., and ultimately decided on a particular breeder with working lines.

The pups come from high working drive lineage, so from the beginning I understood they will have high drives. Based on my preferences, I can ultimately choose from 2 females since both are very similar in their temperament.

Both are very driven and confident, so here is my dilemma (esp. since I have an 8 year old child):

Female 1: dominant over other pups (females/males), rougher with toys
Female 2: VERY vocal

So is the supposed "dominance" in F1 can really be read as one at 7 wks old? Is it just a way she plays in the dog pack? Can she become overly dominant once she's older or even possibly turn into dominant aggressive dog?

In case of F2 - Do you think that if she's so vocal at such a young age, she could be fear aggressive? Or could that and her going back/forth in the kennel be just her way of asking for play time?

Any help is much appreciated! It would be great to hear from owners who's dog expressed similar behaviors as pups and how their personality/behavior developed over time.

Thanks for all you help!
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