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He went to a trainer for a week or so then the same trainer had him for two weeks recently while we were away. He's good for the trainer but the second time my parents went to pick him up and as soon as he knew they were there he started playing up and tried to dominate the other dogs there. When we got him back from the first time he was good for about a day then started playing up again. We got him to stay in his basket for a few minutes, but now if he is sent to his bed for being naughty, he sits in his bed while you stand with him then follows you as you walk away. My Dad carried on putting him back for literally hours but he just refuses to listen. The second time he was just the same as if he has never been to training. But apparently he was really good for the trainer.

Ooh, sorry also forgot to mention something really odd he does, for attention, he'll chase his tail and whack into you as he does in then rip the hairs out of his tail. If we all ignore him, he does stop but our attention can't always be on him so he continues to rip out hairs.
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