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Smile Aggressive, disobedient and hyperactive dog.

I have a German Shepherd named Draco. He'll be two in January.

We got him when he was six months old and he's always been hyperactive, we've tried to keep him occupied filling his kong with treats, peanut butter, walking him as often as possible etc. But he just doesn't know when to stop. we've taken his toys away and had assigned "playtime". He just throws himself on or between your legs, jumps up at us and won't be told no. When he is told off, he becomes aggressive and starts barking, baring teeth then running away as if it's a big game. We have ignored him, he's been smacked, we've tried the Ceaser prodding and "ssh" noises, the tugging collar, isolating him. Nothing works.

It's become so bad that my Mum can't even walk to and from the kitchen without him mouthing her, biting her clothes, slippers as she is walking. She is constantly bruised and has holes in most of her pyjamas because of him. He does the same with my boyfriend but isn't too bad with me or my Dad. He won't sit unless there's something offered, won't come, drop things and if he gets out in the front garden, we can't get him back in as he always wants a chase. We now can't even play with him without his playing becoming aggressive and the barking starting etc so we can do hardly anything with our dog. As soon as there's company, he jumps all over them and can't be pushed down, he just will not give up!

I have a nephew who is one and a niece coming along soon so we're worried about the dog around the children as we keep having to put him out when they're around, we want to be able to have him in the same room as people. If we can't control him or he doesn't calm down, we will have to give him away but we all really want to know how to help him.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
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