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Originally Posted by Anthony8858 View Post
My options around here are rather limited.. I either throw her to the dog park, or avoid the areas all together.
The " incidents" I've had all revolve around loose dogs in the local parks, not necessarily a dog park. She's been attacked a few times, and I don't want to subject her to that anymore.

I haven't seen any dogs on walks, or had the chance to watch dogs in the dog parks. The only park here is not fenced in, and that's why Kira got attacked. We would walk near the area, and Kira would attract the negative attention.
I chose to go there after hours, and let her fetch, play frisbee, and go through whatever training we do.
Oh I gotcha... I knew she had some negative experiences with other dogs but always assumed this was at a dog park. In our area we see other dogs walking down the street or on hiking trails so it's not as difficult to have neutral experiences with other dogs. Are there any group training classes you could get her into? Or any stores that you know other dogs would be leashed?

I just know that with Sasha it's been a long fight to get her back to being neutral to other dogs because my boyfriend was too scared to even let her see another dog while they were living at his parents house (she can be pretty reactive). When we moved into our current place it was like starting over at square one because she hadn't even viewed another dog for a few months She would do the same thing you're describing with Kira, the puffing up and flipping out routine. It all related back to underlying fear which may be what you're going through with Kira.

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