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So she hasn't even had to walk past other dogs on walks? Or see them across the park? I understand not wanting them to play or interact as my girls are not trustworthy with other dogs but have you been keeping her from even seeing them in the past 10 weeks? This, I would think, would not be a good thing. I only say this because I know with my girl, the less she sees other dogs the extreme her reaction can be when we do come across other dogs. So we make a point to not avoid other dogs on walks, take her to group training classes, and not make a big deal out of other dogs being around. This doesn't mean that she interacts with them, she doesn't, but it has helped a ton in her accepting other dogs in our proximity. Unless you have a true liability to society, and still plan to live in society with your dog, I don't really agree with completely removing any aspect of your day to day life.

I don't see any reason that you shouldn't have Kira around other dogs still, that doesn't mean she needs to play with them, but it might help head off the reactive behavior you're starting to see. Keep in mind this is only coming from my personal experience, not any sort of crazy training expertise

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