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Kira hasn't been around dogs at all. What to expect?

About 10 weeks ago, I decided that Kira doesnt need to be around other dogs. She's prone to bringing out the aggression in other dogs, and that's that. I've had to accept it, and make it my business to find other ways to wear her out. So far, it's been easier than I thought.

My only concern is that I've put in a great deal of effort to socialize her throughout puppyhood. I made it my business to be around other people and dogs, whether in a Petco or a pre planned playdate with a young, friendly dog.
I haven't made any time for playmates, and Kira hasn't been anywhere near another dog, other that a chance encounter my wife had with a neighbor's dog.

I'm perfectly content with my solo time with her.

Should I see any long term changes in her behavior because of the abrupt removal of dogs in her life?

I ask this because she gotten very "vocal" if she sees another dog while in my truck. She puffs up, growls, goes bonkers. I correct it, and she stops, but the excitement level is apparent.
She's never acted this way to larger dogs before. Only cats and small wild animals.

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