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Spay incision bleeding

Hi! I'm a former nurse, would have no worries if this were a person, but it's my Pepper, so I'm almost in a panic! My 7 month old Pepper was spayed Thursday morning and has done really well leaving her incision alone for the most part... but she has been licking it some, and she has been trying to run and jump since surgery. (We are trying to keep her as calm as possible.) Well, today I have noticed some slight bleeding along the incision line. (the amount of blood as you'd expect to see from a scratch.) I can't tell where it is coming from, it is all along her incision.. it looks very thin (probably because there is saliva mixed with it). There is no redness (other than the blood) and I can't see any areas opening or other drainage. She is very good at getting the cone off and working around her inflated procollar. Anyone know if this bleeding is normal? Are there tricks to using the procollar? Wish I could just put a skirt on her to keep her away from it =S
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