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Thoughts on this pairing?

V Cash von Wizards-hof
V Cash von Wizards Hof
Ambra von der Reck-Kamensche Heide
SG Ambra von der Reck-Kamensche Heide

I saw both of the dogs in person today, and both had pretty straight backs, which was a pleasant surprise. Some of the dogs at the breeder had a more pronounced curve in their backs - didn't care for that at all.

Cash is very large, and protective. A retired police dog.
Here is a video of him working:

Ambra was calm and friendly, beautiful large dog. Breeder says she is a calm mama.
I am just wanting any insight you have, I am considering a family dog. I have lots of time time spend training, exercising (I am a runner, would like a canine companion). Some day, I would love to have a working line dog, but am considering the needs of my family and realistically, we just need a great family dog with high trainability and a "softer" demeanor.
What do you think of the pedigrees?
Thank you for your time!
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