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East Smithfield, PA - Maxx, B/T, M, 2 yrs (adopted)

Animal Care Sanctuary, East Smithfield, PA
  • 570-596-2200

Maxx...I love this dog more every time I see him. He sits, down, shakes, speaks and if you tell him to stand will sit up like a bunny. He's a goof! Just for kicks, I laid a short track today and his nose was so far in the ground, he was blowing dirt. He has so much potential.

He was officially evaluated today and showed a little food bowl aggression but nothing severe, just needs to be taught that he has nothing to worry about so probably not ok for small children.

I think he would do best in an active home with lots of exercise and mental stimulation or would be great for someone that wants to do obedience, tracking or agility.

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I kept cutting off his chin so head shot isn't the best

Video is slow to load so will post later

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