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Transition from wings to quarters? And overall advice...

So Kalypso is looking GREAT (pic at bottom) and I think that's 95% genetics and 5% good diet...
I think her dad is about 100 lbs and her mom is ~70-75. Kali is I think ~49lbs right now at 6½ months. (Not at all fat.) Hopefully she's on-track for a great adult weight!

So... currently Kali's diet is (breakfast and dinner):

* Three chicken (or duck) wings
* A small (quarter / 50¢ piece) sized piece of liver or kidney (pork or beef)
* Some kind of MM depending on what's on sale
* ¼ cup (about) of veggie glop

This is not inexpensive though... Even wings from Costco are like, $19 for a 36-pack... which lasts us 6 days.
Liver/kidney is $1.90/lb if I'm lucky.
MM on sale can be pretty cheap.
Veggie glop is essentially free.
Still - this is like, $85/month. Quite a bit more than even high-end kibble. Although we usually get the duck wings when they're on sale for $1.05/lb. Which is nice, but they tend to stink more.

Chicken legs are way cheaper but I'm concerned there's not enough bone in them. Would love to feed backs but I haven't found a source for them yet. POSSIBLY the Whole Foods by my friend's place, but I'm not sure about that yet.

I know as she gets bigger I can transition her to a chicken quarter for the meal... Would also love to have a deep-freeze so I can really stock up when stuff is on sale but unfortunately we don't have room for one in our current place.

Thoughts on her diet right now? Other general comments?


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