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Constant crying and whining?

So we picked up our little girl last night and she is fantastic!

The only concern I have is that she cries during everything. It doesn't matter what we're doing. When she plays she whimpers. When she eats she whimpers. When we're just being lazy and we're petting her she whimpers.

It's just very intermittent crying at the weirdest times. She doesn't show any sign of being injured or sick. She actually doesn't show any sign that she's distressed or anything. If you were deaf you'd never know she was crying. She still wags her tail and jumps around and munches on her food without hesitation but she just...cries now and then during these actions.

The breeder said they do that when they feel overwhelmed or overexcited which is understandable seeing as how we just yanked her out of the environment she was used to and introduced her to a completely new one. I'm just wondering if it's something to be concerned about?

We have a vet appointment today and I'll ask them about it as well.
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