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Today the bf and I took stark to a local pet store. We had to run some errands right after work and I like to take stark whenever I can. He had just been let out of his crate, which he had been in most of the day. And he wouldn't focus at the pet store. He was excited with all the smells, other people and dogs. He is 9 months and his commands aren't rock solid enough for me to feel confident trying to make him focus in such a large area of distraction. The bf got very mad at ME when stark wouldng listen every time. Saying I don't work with him enough, I said he is 9 months old and has been in his crate all day. Of course he's not going to focus, he is hyper and young. I feel like expecting so much of him is setting him up for failure. My main goal right now is to have everything be a positive experience, burn some puppy energy, and right now im personally working on him being okay with being left in the car for short periods of time. Am I wrong?
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