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new gsd owner -- need advice please

Hi everyone, I am a new gsd owner. I got her last sunday at 9 weeks old.Her name is zena. I will attach a pic. Anyway, when i first got her, she was very very whiney of course. I put her in the crate the first night, she screamed. I was pretty much up all night which is what i had expected. She is still a pretty whiney dog. I work from home, so i spend alot of time with her -- I also own a 1.5 year old basset hound and they play alot. Due to her constantly freaking out in the crate, I usually leave it open at night and I can hear her get up, so I go let her out. The problem is when I leave the house to run errands or whatever, she completely goes nuts when i lock her in there -- screaming, borderline howling, lol. When i get back, and let her out, she is so whiney and jumping all over me(I have never left her more than a couple hours so far). A couple times I just needed to run across the street to the store and I knew i would be gone only 5 minutes, so i just leave her out because i dont want to deal with the stress of putting her in there. When I do that and come back, she is fine. So I know it is not separation anxiety since if i leave for a few minutes and i dont lock her in the crate, she is ok. I crate trained my basset hound and never had this problem -- I dont anymore as she was able to be trusted with run of the house at 7 months. Any thoughts on this, do some dogs just always hate the crate? Like I said, she is ok going in there if the door is open but just hates being locked in there. I am just trying to figure a way so I am not so stressed out leaving her. I feel so bad and starting to hate leaving my house, lol
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