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Fearful Puppy?

Hello i have a 3 month pup he's a little afraid of random things like the blender, juicer and even me moving the garbage can outside

also he is very VERY friendly with people (and friendly dogs) outside the house, loves to meet them, but barks and barks and hides when someone comes in the house (for 5-10 minutes he barks). i just ignore it and act like nothings happening. is this a fear stage or just something that could be in his genes??

can someone give me some guidance to get him more confident and not afraid of all of these things? hes in puppy classes and we do have a trainer come once a week, but i wanted to get more options and see if theres anything that i can get to work.

also just to let you know hes not crate trained, but our trainer suggested we get a crate so we ordered one and are gonna be working on that right when we get it!!
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