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Dog Park attack scarred my dog?

Hi guys just want to say in advance thank you for all the help you guys have given me over the past couple months of me being on here, some awesome advice I've gotten from here, so here i am asking for your help again.

Odin now is 9 months, since he was 6 months old, he's been running around our local dog park, playing with other dogs in the neighbourhood, ( all extremely friendly and playful, never once had an issue), this morning however, i was with odin playing fetch, and a lady brought her dog into the park, i asked if the dog was friendly she said yes, so I let odin go greet, and as they were circling each other the other dog started barking and attacked odin... bit him on the neck and odin lost it, and started snarling and barking back ( this was NOT playing, that dog was really going after him), I quickly leashed odin and told the lady I was leaving,

So now tonight I brought odin back to the same park, to play fetch, and a lady was walking through the park, and odin ALWAYS ignores people going through the park, and will always come back to me, this time he charged the lady barking at her, completely ignoring me, he didnt touch her just ran up barking, I quickly leashed him and apologized,

My question is were these two events related, what happened? and what should I do now? after he did that i quickly brought him back home.
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