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LOL Nope, there is no magic solution ...just time, patience, consistency, training, patience, training, patience, consistency (get the idea ha ha)

The whole room? Too much space!!! Would you have let your 10 month baby when they were learning to crawl have the whole first floor? Same idea with your puppy ... too much space for that young pup! Pop it in the crate for a quick time out - NOT as punishment, but a time out - put a toy / kong with peanut butter or something in the crate with him.

Punishing him at this age is useless, he's too young to get it ... just keep him exercised, played with, sleeping IN HIS CRATE and repeat until his brain cells start connecting for longer than 10-15 seconds!

Ky was the same right before and after she pooped ... it was hilarious ... a couple of times she pooped and then turned around and barked at it - I almost fell off the deck laughing at her!

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