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Would You Take Him to the Groomers if he were Scared?

Jazz has a long coat and right now he has a lot of fur that needs to come out. I've been brushing but it would really help if I could take him to the groomers. The problem is, he's very afraid of the groomers. I took him to Petsmart a couple of years ago and I think a combination of a very hectic environment, a not so nice groomer, and a high anxiety dog to begin with resulted in a bad experience. He doesn't have any issues if I do it myself but I just don't have the tools and it hurts by back because he's so time consuming with his coat.

My question is, if your dog were afraid of the groomers, would you take them anyway or avoid the situation? I've done some searching and I found a small independent shop that I like and I've gone in and chatted with the owner and I have good vibes so I'm considering taking him there.

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