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10 week old pup lunging at our kids.. HELP

Hello, I'm have a serious problem with our 10 week old pup lunging at our children. I took a week and a half off of work to be home with the new pup, and while things were difficult we managed to avoid any incident of our pup seriously biting of of our boys. We have a 6 year and a 3 year old.

This pup is seriously smart, he was potty trained in about a day (obviously we still have to watch him though).. he knows the commands Sit & Down.. and has done very well with all the level I games put forth in the book "My smart puppy"

He does not seem to understand though, that he is not allowed to treat our kids as his toys, chasing, nipping and biting.

Now, I'm back to work, and it's day 2 and my wife is overwhelmed.. When she pushed the pup away from the kids and tells him off, he lunges at her, growls (probably play growl..) and if she tries to pick him up to place him in a timeout area, he nips at her face and or hair.

I exercise him in the morning, work on training him, get him all worn out.. and he goes and lays down.. then this morning, he gets up.. all tired like, and just goes for one of the boys..

I want to know how to correct the dog so he will quickly understand.. or any help or suggestions.. seeing as he's only 10 weeks old, he's not even to his snotty adolescence stage yet.. so I fear things are going to get way worse, before they get better..

please help!
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