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Default Want to Learn About Puppy's Pedigree!

As Puppy grows older, I'm able to appreciate more her personality than when she was a needy little baby. I wanted to learn more about her personality, and other dogs that have contributed to her personality. This is my first time really looking at pedigrees, so please phrase your responses in "dumb newbie" speak. I'm interested in seeing the variation in how common genetic backgrounds express themselves in different dogs.

1. Have you met any of the dogs in her pedigree? What are your impressions of them? What kind of situation did you meet them in, formal or relaxed social setting?

2. Do you have a dog that has a common pedigree? What are some highlights and weaknesses you see in the expression of their temperament. Is your dog easy to live with? Biddable? Velcro, etc?

3. Even if you haven't personally met, please share knowledge/resources of dogs in her pedigree!

Here is her brother on PDB.

Absolut Von Huerta Hof

Thanks everyone! I look forward to the responses, which will no doubt make a great read!
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